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Bespoke Bathroom Furniture and Fittings in the Heart of the Cotswolds

Quality bespoke bathrooms


going the extra mile

Here at Aperture, we’re one of the leading companies for high quality, bespoke bathroom furniture and fittings here in the Cotswolds. We work with clients who want to go the extra mile for their homes, who never settle for less than the best.

creating your perfect space

The bathroom is a room with a functional purpose but that doesn’t have to be at the expense of everything else. We’ll work with you and your space to create something that delivers in every aspect.

no compromise necessary

That’s why we don’t believe in ‘one size fits’ all. We’re passionate about bespoke bathroom furniture design because this offers our customers complete customisation. Any style, colour or design, we make sure our clients never need to compromise. And this also applies to quality. We use only the highest quality materials, building all of our bespoke bathroom furniture in our Cotswolds workshop. So, you can finally have the bathroom of your dreams without compromise.

 Let us ask you some questions…


Are you having your bathroom updated and are struggling to find exactly what you want?

Do you have a specific look, feel or atmosphere you want to capture in your bathroom?

Are you looking for to use the space within your bathroom more effectively?

Custom made bathroom cabinets


bathroom cabinet design

We’re trained cabinet makers here at Aperture. So, custom made  cabinets are our speciality when it comes to bathroom furniture and storage. And we’re completely customer led when it comes to design so, whether you’re looking for traditional finishings or sleek, modern storage solutions, we can accommodate.

blending design and engineering

We blend innovative design and engineering principles with the highest quality materials to bring you a beautiful, functional product. In fact, we’re so proud of our cabinet making here at Aperture, that we just don’t think you’ll find a higher standard of cabinetry anywhere else.

hiding unsightly boilers

We can work with you to design your bathroom storage, hiding unsightly boilers and keeping clutter at bay. Browse some of our custom-made bathroom cabinets, or get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

Bathroom Furniture and Fittings Gallery - Aperture

cabinets at a glance


Trained cabinet makers


Blending innovation and engineering


Cleverly designed storage

Transform your bathroom with bespoke panelling


custom panelling

Custom bathroom panelling is a great way to elevate your space. With the right colour and style, you can completely transform the atmosphere in your bathroom. A more traditional style can be achieved with floor to ceiling panelling, it can look striking in a darker shade with contrasting brass fittings. Alternatively, using half height panels in lighter shades can deliver a feeling of airiness and space.

elevating your ideas

It’s important to consider the look and feel you want to create in your bathroom. And working with one of our bespoke bathroom furniture designers can help you to do this. We’ll get to know your needs and your specifications, use our design expertise to elevate them, and then transform them into a reality.

Bathroom Furniture and Fittings - Aperture - Bespoke Panelling

panelling at a glance


We provide great panelling to elevate your space


We consider the look and feel you want


We’ll get to know your needs and your specifications

Bathroom vanity and mirror units


vanity and mirrors

Adding a vanity unit to your bathroom is a sure fire way to take it to the next level. It helps create the perfect space for getting ready in the morning or an evening out.

bathroom space

We’ll work with you to create a bathroom that seamlessly combines form and function.

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customer testimonial

“Wanting a panelled bathroom was always going to be tricky but Michael and James spent time working things out precisely. They were detailed, listened and communicated every step of the way. They are reliable, well mannered and simply nice to have working in your house. We are over the moon with our beautiful bathroom.”

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