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BESPOKE bedroom furniture in the Cotswolds

Here at Aperture, we design, build and fit bespoke bedroom furniture in the Cotswolds. We specialise particularly in handmade wardrobes, bedside tables, custom vanity units and all forms of bedroom storage. And you can work with us to commission one piece, or we can redesign your entire bedroom space, filling it with bespoke bedroom furniture. So, if you have something in mind that you don’t see on this page, please get in touch with us.

form and functional in equal measure

We pride ourselves on our innovation when it comes to furniture making. So, even though we design both modern and traditional furniture, we use cutting edge design and engineering techniques to get the job done. Because of this you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for something that meets your design needs.

your space in mind

Everyone’s bedroom is unique to them and we believe in designing bespoke bedroom furniture customised to you, your space and specific requirements. ‘One size fits all’ just isn’t in our vocabulary!

Let us ask you some questions…


Are you looking to redesign your bedroom?

Or perhaps you’re only looking for one or two pieces of custom bedroom furniture to transform your space?

Are you struggling to find the right bedroom storage for your needs?

Handmade wardrobes from a bespoke wardrobe designer

Handmade wardrobes and clothing storage are one of the most common bedroom furniture commissions we receive.

ideal storage solutions

Our team of bespoke wardrobe designers will work with you to create your ideal storage solution. So, whether you need a built in, walk in or freestanding wardrobe, we’ll guide you through your options to find something that works for you and your space.

attention to detail

We’re trained cabinet and wardrobe makers here at Aperture. So we’re able to offer a level of quality and attention to detail in our bedroom furniture that you simply won’t find with some of our competitors.

hidden clutter

Our expert wardrobe makers and craftsmen offer eye catching, bespoke wardrobe solutions that focus on optimal storage. We use our keen eye for design to make sure any bedroom clutter is hidden and organised in a way that’s functional yet stylish.

6 Oak Wardrobes

why work with us?


Handmade with care


Work with you to create ideal storage solution


Keen eye for design

Custom bedside tables

struggling to achieve your vision?

Are you looking for a bedside table that’s a little out of the ordinary? Or perhaps you have a specific idea in mind and can’t find anything similar in a catalogue.


We specialise in made-to-measure bedroom furniture. So, we’ll work with you to design your perfect bedside table and then build it for you in our Cotswolds workshop.

Browse some of our previous work for ideas, or get in touch with us to start the design process.

Bedroom Furniture - Aperture - Bedside Table

why work with us?


A unique approach


Modern and traditional; always cutting edge and innovative


Form and function in equal measure

Bespoke dressers and vanity units

Complete your bedroom with a custom designed dresser or vanity unit.

perfect dressing tables

A vanity dresser provides the perfect area to prepare for the day or evening ahead, providing the optimal functional space to use whilst you get ready.

blending innovation and aesthetics

We work with our clients to make their ideas a reality, blending innovation with aesthetics. And when it comes to bespoke dressers and vanity units, our work speaks for itself.

Bedroom Furniture - Aperture - Vanity Unit

why work with us?


Expert cabinet makers


Endless opportunities, customisable to the smallest detail


Every inch of space utilised

Inbuilt Bedding Shelves
Foot of custom bed
Custom Brown Wardrobe
Custom White Wardrobes
Bespoke Custom Bed
Custom Made Bed
Bedroom Desk
Bedstand with lamp
Wardrobe with shelving
Bespoke Bed Frame
Bedroom Desk
Bespoke Bed Framing
Inbuilt Wardrobe Drawers

customer testimonial

“The new shelves and wardrobes are a joy to see and to use. We are very pleased with them and grateful to you both for all your work and cheerful presence.”

- Mr & Mrs Simon, Wardrobe and Library Shelving

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