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Bespoke Commercial Furniture For  Businesses IN THE Cotswolds

Handmade commercial furniture from Aperture


commercial furniture

Here at Aperture, we not only create custom made domestic furniture, we also offer a number of bespoke commercial furniture options for local businesses. We’re interior designers, but we also design and build all of our furniture in house. So, we’re able to offer a level of personal service and customisation that some of our competitors just can’t compete with.

passionate about innovation

We’re passionate about innovation here at Aperture. So, as creative as you’d like to be with the layout of your property and design of your custom commercial furniture, we can accommodate you. Our expert carpenters and furniture makers ensure that everything functions seamlessly without compromising on the appearance.

working with businesses

Thus far, our commercial furniture clients have been predominantly from office based businesses. However, all of our furniture is designed and built in our workshop right here in the Cotswolds. This means we are able to work with a wide variety of businesses and meet a variety of furniture needs. So, please do get in touch for more non office based commercial enquiries.

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Are you struggling to find exactly what you’re looking for?

Do you need to get creative with the layout of your commercial property?

Are you opening a new business space and don’t want to compromise on quality when it comes to the design of your property?

Commercial office furniture – endless possibilities


translating your ideas

We’re proud to supply local businesses with custom commercial office furniture, designed and built right here in the Cotswolds. We take the time to get to know you, understand your needs and familiarise ourselves with your office space. Then, we’ll take your ideas and translate them into a functional design. We’re client led when it comes to our commercial office furniture meaning we work to make your vision a reality.

modern workplace considerations

Commercial office furniture is an area that often requires us to get creative with our interior design approach. The modern workplace shifts and changes more quickly than ever before. So, many of our commercial office furniture clients come to us for innovative solutions that they cannot find elsewhere. Some of our recent projects include modular office space, creating a ‘room within a room’ to capitalise on available space. We’ve also created mobile workstations, which are built on wheels to allow customisation of office space when needed.

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why work with us?


Handmade with care


Work with you to create ideal storage solution


Keen eye for design

 Custom commercial furniture – storage


storage requirements

Most of our custom commercial furniture commissions include some form of storage requirement. And we work on everything from built in cupboards and cabinets, bookcases and filing units, to innovative ways to hide unsightly cables.

boost productivity

Storage is something that is often considered as an afterthought when designing a commercial property. After all, this isn’t usually a customer facing aspect of the business. However, well designed storage solutions can make the difference between order and chaos. Functional commercial storage can boost productivity and keep everything running smoothly and effectively.


All of our custom commercial furniture and storage solutions are hand built in our workshop. So, the sky really is the limit when it comes to customisation. We’ll help you to create storage solutions that functionality you need in a design suited to you and your business.

Custom Commercial Furniture Booth

why work with us?


We work on everything from bookcases to built in cuboards


All our furniture is hand built


We’ll help you to create functional, beautiful storage solutions

Outdoor Glass Housing
Storage Units
Commercial Shelving
Outdoor Kiosk
Functional Desk
Plywood Rack and Shelving
Folder Shelving
Sliding Separating Doors
Open Seating
Open Plan Communal Area
Simple Shelving
Computer Desk & Work Area
Bookshelf with Light Shade
Desk Cubicle
Plywood Shelving
Desk With Computer
Office Storage
Office Hub
Plywood Wall Divider
Multiple Cubicles

customer testimonial

“James and Michael have worked with us on a number of projects. Each and every time they use their expert knowledge and skill to provide us with the work spaces we require.”

- Jason Pritchard, Edge Design / Hub 8

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