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Cycling During Lockdown: 3 Ways to Improve Your Home Cycling Set-Up

Jul 24, 2020


We’re all trying to get healthier and fitter and cycling is something the whole family can enjoy. We’ve noticed how many more people are out and about on their bikes but are they being stored correctly? From bike racks to Zwift rooms, there really is a storage solution for everyone. In this article we’ll be looking more at cycling during lockdown, as well as helping you to understand your options.

Cycling during lockdown has increased by up to 70% in the UK, whilst bike stores have seen a vast improvement in sales since the pandemic hit. With gyms being closed and only beginning to reopen from 25 July in the UK, more and more people are dusting off their wheels and hitting the roads. Cycling during lockdown has not only improved the bike industry but it has also seen an increase in people needing space to store their bikes.

It is not only the pandemic which has seen a rise in bike sales. The cycle to work scheme, limited parking, congestion charges and environmental issues have all seen an increase in bikes on the road. Therefore, it is understandable that more and more people are seeking ways to store their bikes. So, we’ve listed a number of choices that are available to you, whether you have lots of space or no space at all. There’s a bike storage option for everyone.

Before you make a decision on the type of bike rack, bike shed or Zwift bike room you’d like, it’s important to take the following into consideration:

  • Do you want an indoor bike rack or an outdoor bike rack?
  • Are you happy to have a permanent fixture on your wall, or would you rather it be free standing?
  • Do you want your bike to be a feature in the room, or would you rather it be hidden?
  • Will your bike be insured if it is kept in a bike shed or on an outdoor bike rack?
  • Are you only cycling during lockdown or will you continue after?


1. Indoor bike racks and Outdoor bike racks

Both indoor bike racks and outdoor bike racks have a number of advantages, including the option to fit them anywhere. Indoor bike racks can be made bespoke so they match the aesthetics of your home, they can also be fixed or free-standing.

Indoor bike racks can make art out of your bike, by placing it on a feature wall, or even having a freestanding design that fits in with the rest of your home. If you plan on only cycling during lockdown, a freestanding rack might be a better option for you. Freestanding means you aren’t making any lasting commitments.

Another option is to integrate your furniture so it includes space for your bike. An example of this would be a shelving unit, with space cut out to rest your bike in. Alternatively, you could consider a bespoke cupboard where your bike can be hidden. Again, if you’re cycling during lockdown and plan on stopping once the gyms reopen, or lockdown lifts, the bike feature can be removed if it’s no longer in use.

If space is limited on your walls for an indoor bike rack then you could utilise your ceiling space. If you have little external wall space and the internal walls are not strong enough to support your bike then this is a great option.

Outdoor bike racks can be secured to the outside of your garage, the exterior wall to your property or even a shed. Keeping outdoor bike racks out of sight is something to consider when choosing the location of the rack. It’s also important that outdoor bike racks have a cover to protect them from the elements in the colder months, away from wind and rain.


2. Bike shed

If your insurance company will allow a bike to be stored in a locked bike shed, then this can be a great solution for those with limited space indoors. For those who don’t want to keep their bike in the home, a bike shed could be the answer. A bike shed can be made to fit even the smallest of spaces, can be hidden away, or can even be made a feature in your garden.

If you already have a shed then another option is a bike container. A bike container is exactly as it sounds – a container for your bike(s)! It can be made as big or as little as you need it to be, it can be in any colour that suits you – and can be disguised or again made a feature.


3. Home cycling

For those who prefer to do home cycling on a stationary bike, or a Zwift bike then a Zwift room is becoming increasingly popular. Cycling with your friends has never been easier and you can do it without leaving the comfort of your own home! Home cycling can be boring when you are staring at a blank wall. With Zwift bikes you can link your device to a turbo trainer and cycle in a virtual environment. Zwift bikes can be stored in a zwift room; whether that’s in a spare bedroom, the garage or a bike shed. It’s important to keep your Zwift bike safe so a room tailored to your Zwift bike will keep your mind at ease.
You will need to think about how seriously you want to take home cycling, whether you want to invest in budget equipment or a more advanced set-up. Ventilation will also be important in a Zwift room, as well as sturdy flooring and electrics. So, it’s always a good idea to work with a specialist home designer to make sure the room is designed safely and optimally.

Home cycling comes with a number of advantages such as time-saving, safety and an online community. Therefore, it is worth investing in a room that is safe and practical for your Zwift bike needs.

Cycling during lockdown and your storage options:

  • Indoor and outdoor bike racks are a fantastic option for those who want to make their bike a feature. Or, for those who have limited space
  • Bike sheds are ideal for people who don’t have space indoors or would prefer to store their bike outside
    Bike containers are the solution for limited outdoor space
  • Furniture can be made to fit your bike, if you’re only cycling during lockdown the bike feature can be removed once you stop cycling
  • Zwift rooms are perfect for home cycling fanatics, they can be as simplistic or advanced as you like

So, if you’ve been cycling during lockdown, are part of the cycle to work scheme or enjoy home cycling, we hope we’ve helped you with our bike storage ideas. If you’re looking for safe, effective and long-lasting storage then any of the above will do just that.

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