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Handmade QUALITY Custom Kitchen Furniture

Quality HANDMADE kitchens in the Cotswolds


bespoke kitchens matched to your lifestyle

We create premium quality hand crafted custom kitchens in and around the Cotswolds. Your space and your needs are individual, so why not fill them with something specifically designed to use your space effectively and cater for your needs? The kitchen is the heart of your home. Therefore you need a space that perfectly suits you, one that creates a desired atmosphere. Whether it’s a laid back space for chilled evenings, or a hub of activity for dinner parties, your kitchen should be perfectly matched to your lifestyle.

bespoke end-to-end service

We offer an end-to-end bespoke kitchen design and build service. So, you only need to work with one supplier. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your needs and your ideas. After all, this is your dream kitchen! And then we’ll simply get to work, making your dream a reality. We can build individual pieces of kitchen furniture, or we can design your dream kitchen from scratch, filling it with beautiful, custom pieces.

unique in every way

You’ll never see any Aperture bespoke kitchen furniture designs in a catalogue. Everything we offer is handmade and uniquely designed to suit your space and your needs. All of our kitchen units, shelving and cabinets are hand built by us here in the Cotswolds to ensure ultimate quality and complete customisation.

Let us ask you some questions…


Do you want to create a kitchen customised to your unique requirements?

have you been unable to find a solution you are happy with?

Do you want a bespoke kitchen that’s uses the space in your home effectively?

Handmade Kitchen Furniture means Ultimate Customisation


turning your ideas into reality!

We’re proud to be a premium manufacturer of handmade kitchens here in the Cotswolds. And we’re client led, which means we don’t conform to just one style of kitchen. Instead, we work to the needs and tastes of our customers, using our design knowledge to translate their ideas into reality.

creating unique kitchens

Our customers want to go the extra mile to achieve the kitchen they’ve always dreamed about. And that’s why we love to create unique kitchens here at Aperture.

individual to you

We believe in designing and building kitchens with each individual space and customer in mind. After all, why would you fill your kitchen with pieces designed for someone else? So, that’s why we build every component of your kitchen ourselves. This includes bespoke kitchen cabinets, kitchen units, shelves and storage. Really, anything you can imagine, we can build.

Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture

customisation at a glance


Manfacturer of premium handmade kitchens


Each component designed and built to your designs; ultimate customisation


Anything you can imagine, we can build


unique, individual, bespoke

As we specialise in unique kitchens and bespoke kitchen furniture, we’re proud to work with an approach that’s equally as individual. And we think our approach to kitchen design is pretty special.


We’re passionate about innovation here at Aperture. So, even though we build both modern and traditional style handmade kitchens, we’re anything but traditional in our technique.

cutting edge design

We adhere to cutting edge German design and engineering principles and we’re always innovating our approach.

So, not only will your bespoke, hand built kitchen catch the eye, it will be a joy to use every day.

Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture

bespoke at a glance


A unique approach


Modern and traditional; always cutting edge innovation


Delivers on both form and function

CUSTOM CRAFTED Kitchen Cabinets ARE our speciality!


expert cabinet makers

Our kitchen furniture team are also expert kitchen cabinet makers so custom kitchen cabinets and kitchen units are one of our specialties here at Aperture.

your space in mind

We’ll design bespoke kitchen cabinets for your space, customisable right down to the smallest detail. This gives you endless opportunities when it comes to design. You can choose the layout of the inside of the cabinets, the materials, joints, handles and even choose the exact shade for the paint on the outside. Our handmade kitchen cabinets and storage will also ensure that not one inch of space in your kitchen is wasted.

local artisans

Our bespoke kitchen cabinet makers build every piece in our workshop right here in the Cotswolds. Nothing is outsourced. This enables us to quality control everything we make ensuring we always deliver to the highest possible standards.

Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture

cabinets at a glance


Expert cabinet makers


Endless opportunities, customisable to the smallest detail


Every inch of space utilised

Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Big Green Pantry
Kitchen Island Birdseye
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Hob Surround Left Close
Kitchen Table
Cooker Surround
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Hob Surround Right
Dark Arger Surround
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Kitchen Clock Shelf
Bespoke Furniture Maker - Aperture
Spice Box
Grey TV Cupboards
Grey Double Cupboards
Hob Surround Left

customer testimonial

“It’s absolutely stunning, it’s better than I ever imagined!”

- Rachel, Bespoke Fitted Kitchen Customer

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